DPP lawmakers claim that favoritism didn’t influence promotion

The China Post staff

A group of legislators from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) yesterday lent their support to Yao Yu-ching, daughter of the Examination Yuan President nominee Yao Chia-wen, who recently came under attack by an opposition lawmaker for receiving favoritism. DPP lawmakers Chang Hsiu-chen, Tang Pi-o, Chou Ya-shu, Chou Huei-ying, Wang Shu-huei, Chiou Yi-ying and Taiwan Solidarity Union (TSU) lawmaker Su Ying-kwei conducted a joint press conference to condemn allegations made against Yao by People First Party (PFP) lawmaker Sun Ta-chien. The legislators said Sun should respect himself by refraining from making irresponsible and unfair remarks.

According to Sun, Yao Yu-ching could have gotten a promotion at the Labor Insurance Bureau (LIB) because of favoritism. Yao’s father, presidential adviser Yao Chia-wen, is currently nominated to head the Examination Yuan, and her mother is DPP legislator Chou Chin-yu. A tearful Chou Chin-yu stressed that her daughter is hard-working, responsible and that she never relies on her parents for career boosts. She also turned down a job offer from a regional government to serve as director of the social affairs bureau, Chou noted.

Chou blamed Sun for smearing her daughter’s name, but said they will not take any action against Sun. TSU lawmaker Su, who has known Yao for ten years, noted that Yao was instrumental in setting up the Taipei branch of the Children Are Us Foundation (CAUF), a non-profit organization for the mentally-disabled, initially launched in Kaohsiung.

Su, who was on the CAUF’s board of directors, spoke of Yao’s devotion to charity works and noted she constantly traveled between Kaohsiung and Taipei to help expand the CAUF’s operation.

Lawmaker Sun, meanwhile, explained that he did not question Yao’s credentials and abilities in a written inquiry to the LIB regarding Yao’s recent promotion.

Sun said he merely asked if the LIB had followed regulations regarding the promotion of civic servants in Yao’s case.