Lawmaker urges exam scandal probe

The China Post staff

With the start of the second round of standardized examinations for junior high schools yesterday, People First Party lawmaker Diane Lee noted that a company in charge of processing test results had closed due to financial problems.

According to Lee, Ta Tung Information Company was commissioned with the estimated NT$13 million project of computer processing the test results last December by the Office of Ministry of Education in Central Taiwan. Citing information provided by Taichung City Labor Affairs Bureau, Lee pointed out that the company has ceased operation and applied to the Labor Insurance Bureau under the Cabinet-level Labor Affairs Council for subsidies to pay off six months of outstanding salaries to its employees. Lee went on to say that the company was involved in a test results tampering scandal during a competition last March. However, the Office of Ministry of Education in Central Taiwan is not aware of the closing and has no idea what to do next, Lee claimed, urging relevant authorities to probe the incident. Ta Tung Information Company, meanwhile, released a press statement saying that the company has been “precise and prudent” during its 20 years in business and urged the students and their parents to have confidence in the company. The preparation work for the junior high school standardized tests, including the computer processing of the tests and the printing of report cards, will be ready by June 30, which is two days ahead of the initial schedule, the statement added.