Taiwan experiences record power consumption

The China Post staff

Electricity consumption set a new all-time record yesterday as soaring temperatures contributed to massive use of air conditioners and fans, according to the state-run Taiwan Power Company (Taipower).

Executives of Taipower said instant power consumption surged to 26.93 million kilowatts at 107 p.m. while the average consumption reached 26.68 million kilowatt per hour, higher than the previous record figure of 26.29 million kilowatts set on Aug. 23 last year. They attributed the swelling electricity demand to high temperatures, including 36 degrees Celsius in Taipei area, the second highest level so far this year, after the 36.7 degrees set around noon last Friday. They assured customers that there will be no electricity shortage since the company’s system still has over one million kilowatts of reserve power capacity. But they urged the public to continue conserving energy to coincide with Taipower’s seasonal upward adjustment of around 30 percent which lasts from June to the end of September. Meanwhile, Taipower’s headquarter’s air conditioning system was down, not because of a power shortage but because of water rationing measures. The water level at Feitsui Reservoir for Taipei City continued falling in the past few days. The latest measurement put the water level at 121.55 meters, only about four meters from the “dead water level” of 117.5 meters. Taipei City Government officials recently said that there is no need to further tighten the ongoing water rationing measures if rainfall in the Taipei area reached 150mm in June. Mayor Ma Ying-jeou said the cumulative rainfall has reached 173mm so far this month. But he said the Central Weather Bureau forecast rain in early July. He said the injection of a little more water into the dam should enable Taipei City to continue the current rotational water rationing program without having to adopt more drastic water saving measures.