Intel has high hopes for new notebook microprocessor

James Renwick, Special to The China Post

Intel Corporation executives in Taipei yesterday announced the firm has begun shipping the world’s first microprocessor designed for mobile PC’s to operate at 2 GHz. According to Intel, their new Pentium 4 processor-M, enables a much greater performance for both business and consumer notebook computers by allowing a superior Internet experience, faster digital streaming and guaranteeing a better performance for wireless gaming.

“We are confident that the new chip will ramp up sales fairly quickly… By the end of the year we expect to have a 75 percent segment of the market with are processors for mobile computers,” said Jerry Kao, regional marketing manager for Intel. “It took the IT industry 11 years to reach 1 GHz in mobile computing and we’ve doubled that frequency to 2 GHz in only 15 months,” added Kao, who suggested that this represented a kind of birthday for Intel. According to the newest mobile benchmark for BAPCo, MobileMark 2002, users of Mobile Intel Pentium 4 processor-M based notebooks at 2 GHz will experience two times faster performance on multitasking office productivity applications and almost three hours of battery life compared to the fastest mobile processor just one year ago. With its new chip, Intel is hoping to cash in on the continuing shift in consumer preferences towards notebooks from desktop PCs. The percentage of notebook PCs exports versus desktops has continued to rise this year with notebooks currently clocking up a compound annual growth rate of 17 percent, affirming what PC makers have been predicting since 1998: a more mobile world in which notebooks may eventually count for more than half of all PCs. Growth in wireless LAN sales is also rising fast and according to figures quoted by Stanley Huang, director of marketing and technical services, Intel Asia Pacific, the market could grow up to 14 times what it is now over the next year. “For gaming enthusiasts, the 2GHz processor combined with wireless connectivity, enables a new level of mobile gaming, allowing players to compete wherever they are,” said Huang. The new level of performance and reduced price of notebook computers is making them much more attractive to the consumer in both the realm of business and consumer notebooks and so sales look set to continue rise.