Genuine teams up with Intel for new servers

James Renwick,Special to The China Post

Taiwan information technology manufacturer Genuine C&C Inc. announced yesterday that it has teamed up with Intel to offer a new series of computer servers directed at Taiwan’s small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Genuine hopes that their new TX250, RP210 and DP220 servers will be able to fill a gap in the market by offering a reliable, name brand product at a reasonable price.

The firm believes that SMEs in Taiwan are getting a bum deal. “Taiwan companies are often forced to rely on non-brand, less reliable servers or invest in more powerful PCs, because the top end brand servers are out of their price range,” said a Genuine executive. As Taiwan companies have become more exposed to globalization, the demands for speed in E-business have led to more reliance on computer servers, with an ever-greater price to be paid if they crash or something goes wrong. Thus, the need for superior server technology backed with reliable hardware and software is crucial to a firm’s success, said Genuine. With Intel by their side, the firm hopes to build the Genuine trademark into a real challenger of the major players. According to statistics provided by IDC, during 2001 the five top names in servers — IBM, HP, Compaq, Acer and Leo — dominated Taiwan sales, with a 75 percent market share, while other non-name brand servers made up the other 25 percent.

According to Genuine’s CEO, Ye Chi-dong, the firm’s business model is to offer high specification servers in the right price zone, and to adapt their systems to the demands of the customer, so that they can grab a greater market share. “Buying a server is like choosing a wife, you have to find the right one and even then you never know what kind of trouble you are going to run into in the future,” said Ye. The before- and after-sales service which comes with Genuine’s servers, he added, will assure Taiwan’s SMEs of the company’s reliability and quality service.