Exporters develop markets in LatAm

By Alfred Lee, The China Post

Taiwan exporters have successfully developed new markets in the Americas recently. Test Rite Group, a leading exporter of home products, recently secured orders valued at US$30 million from Soriana of Mexico. Collins Co., Ltd, another large trading company in Taiwan, will also sell its products to large home product channels in Central and South American countries in the second half of this year. Test Rite Group in March took over MDI of America. The acquisition marked the company’s diversification into the bedroom and kitchen room products.

Currently the company’s sales to America account for 71.14 percent of its total sales. Its major customers include Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Staples, and Stanley.

The company was selected in the Best Small Companies by Forbes last year, Best Supplier to Wal-Mart, Best Supplier to Sears and Best Supplier to Big W. Besides, Taiwan Ratings rated the company’s credit as Long-term Stable. All these factors show that Test Rite’s business culture is — steady aggression ensures a blooming result. The share of stock held by foreigners in the company has continually expanded — now over 30% — thus making it the second favorite stock held by foreign investors in the traditional business economy.

Test Rite reported that sales to its new customers such as Soriana, Sanderson, and MDI will have substantial growth this year.

The company also received large orders from Falabella, MB, Jusco, and HHC not long ago. Shipments to these customers are scheduled from the second through the third quarter. Orders to these new customers are valued at US$30 million.

The other big trading company, Collins, reported that its orders booked for the U.S. market would exceed US$30 million.