Veteran fights BOI in protest over DNA test for son

The China Post staff

A veteran from Taichung County is at odds with the Bureau of Immigration (BOI) after he refused to let his four-year-old son take the DNA test that is required for the mainland-born boy to claim Taiwan citizenship. Wen Tie-han, a 76-year-old veteran, married a mainland woman six years ago in Hunan Province and took her to Taichung. Two years later, his wife returned to her native town to give birth because her entry permit to Taiwan was about to expire. Wen’s wife and son rejoined him in Taichung last November. However, Wen said that when he was applying to the BOI for his son’s residency, he was told that the boy must take a DNA examination as part of the application process. Wen said he was enraged that the BOI suspected the boy might not be his own flesh and blood, and therefore rejected the DNA testing. His son’s entry permit then expired, and he is now staying in Taiwan illegally.

The boy could be deported at any time by the BOI or the police. But an angry Wen insisted that no DNA tests would be done on his son. “If the authorities want to come and arrest us, so be it,” he stated.

The veteran added that he and his wife are deeply in love and that his son looks exactly like him. Wen also vowed to take his case to the Legislative Yuan or even sell his house in Taichung and move his family to the mainland. According to the BOI, authorities can lawfully request mainland-born children under the age of 12 who are applying for Taiwan residency to submit proof of blood relations.

However, local media reported that a mainland Chinese bride who also refused the DNA test recently won her case at a Taipei court against the BOI.