Pop singer Chen Sheng rushed to hospital after restaurant brawl

The China Post staff

Pop singer Chen Sheng was rushed to hospital early morning yesterday after injuring his head during a fight in a local restaurant. According to local media reports, Chen was dining in a restaurant at Yenchi Street around 4 a.m. with a group of friends where he got into an argument with the guests at the next table. The argument soon erupted into a physical confrontation between the two groups.

During the fight, Chen’s head was cut by a bottle, leaving two wounds of about seven centimeters in length. He was immediately sent to nearby Cathay General Hospital and received several stitches. Eyewitnesses recalled that there was blood all over Chen’s face. Chen appeared to be drunk when he was sent to hospital and he was also vomiting. Chen’s family and the doctor, concerned that the singer may be suffering from a concussion, arranged for him to stay overnight at the hospital for further observation. Chen’s friends stressed that he is not the kind of person who likes to argue and fight, according to media reports. They also claimed that Chen did not provoke the confrontation and that he did not know any of the attackers.

Several of Chen’s companions suffered minor injuries during the incident because they were outnumbered by the other group.

But friends of the singer noted that although well known in the record industry for his fondness for red wine, Chen has never got into problems or caused any trouble to the friends who were drinking with him. Chen himself has already told the police that he will not press charges.