Premier moves into new mansion

The China Post staff

Premier Yu Shyi-kun, his family and 43 guards yesterday moved into the newly- renovated premier mansion, a 1000-ping multi-million dollar complex. The cost of the mansion’s renovations, originally set at NT$670,000, had climbed to NT$7 million, according to local media reports.

Restoration work for the house was completed on June 25, but a final inspection of the work is yet to be done. Regardless, Yu and his family, along with the guards, decided to move in to the four-building complex yesterday.

Located at Number 142 Chinhua Street, the house once belonged to retired general and diplomat Peng Meng-chi. The house was used by Taiwan Provincial Government’s Taipei office before Premier Yu made it his residency. Initially, the 40-ping “B Building” of the mansion, which needed an estimated NT$670,000 worth of renovations, was to be used for Yu’s residency. However, the plan was called off for security reasons because the “B Building” was too close to the street. Instead, Yu moved into the 130-ping “A building,” which had a serious leaking problem. An estimated NT$7 million is needed to repair the house. Also yesterday, Premier Yu announced that the government will claim ownership within five years of a total of 2841 houses which have been illegally occupied by retired government officials and their families. According to Yu, officials should move out of government housing within three months of retirement.