Lotto winner loses prize and mistress, despite winning ticket

The China Post staff

A businessman was dealt a double blow recently, when he lost both lottery prize money and a mistress, although one of the lottery tickets he bought won the second prize of almost NT$5 million. In the latest dispute involving money-winning lotto tickets, a garment exporter surnamed Meng in Chungshan District of Taipei City bought 100 tickets with NT$5,000 as a birthday present for his mistress. But the romantic relationship between Meng and his paramour broke after one of the numbers won NT$4.93 million in the jackpot and the woman refused to share the money with him. Meng has developed an intimate relationship with the mistress about five years ago. She recently asked for a one-carat diamond ring as a birthday gift. But Meng gave her NT$5,000 worth of lotto tickets around two weeks ago instead. It turned out that one of the tickets hit the gold jackpot for NT$4.93 million cash. After learning what happened, Meng wanted to share half of the money with the secret lover, but she refused to give him a cut on grounds that the lotto tickets now belong to her, because he gave them to her as gifts. She also showed growing signs of alienation with him after she collected the prize money.

Meng sought mediation from the local officials to have a fair share of the cash. But none wanted to get involved in the dispute. They were also put off by the secret romance between the two. He had toyed with the idea of taking the case to the court but feared he would blow his cover. The result was the double loss of money and the woman.

The woman is taking the windfall godsend “palimony” after breaking with Meng the romantic relationship and five years of living together. Meanwhile, an alliance of lotto vendors in Taiwan has passed a resolution to call for revision of regulations to hand down stiffer punishment for people who rob, cheat, and steal from handicapped lotto retailers. Alliance officials said that handicapped vendors have lost between NT$30 million and NT$60 million, after being swindled by unscrupulous people using fake or forged lotto tickets to cash prize money in the past two and half years.

But they said the actual loss ran up to NT$100 million when including money stolen or robbed from the underprivileged people. Members of the alliance will soon call on the Ministry of Justice and legislators to lobby for the drafting of new regulations that wail mete out punishment 50 percent heavier for people who take advantage of handicapped people than penalties involving crimes targeted at ordinary people.