Mainland China uses anti-radar weapons in Fujian: officials

Chris Cockel,The China Post, Washington D.C.

As part of on-going military maneuvers in Fujian province, mainland China has deployed several anti-radar weapons, the Washington Times on Tuesday reported U.S. defense officials as saying.

The Israeli-made Harpy UAVs — unmanned aerial vehicles — were observed being moved “close to the coast,” the report said, quoting an unnamed U.S. defense official. As previously reported U.S. intelligence agencies have been closely watching mainland Chinese “war games,” involving up to 100,000 troops, fearful that such maneuvers could potentially be used as a springboard for an attack against Taiwan. Assault “drones,” such as the Harpy, first used by Israel in the 1973 Yom Kippur War against Syria, can be used to confuse radar and can remain airborne over a target for over two hours before being used as a bomb.

While such UAVs are also often used for reconnaissance purposes, U.S. intelligence officials stated that on this occasion the Harpys are equipped with anti-radar bombs, said the report.