KMT and PFP criticize Chen for plotting power struggle

The China Post staff

The heads of the two major opposition parties yesterday blasted President Chen Shui-bian for plotting a power struggle for the island while making overseas visits on government expenses. The reproach comes in the wake of Chen’s cross-party alliance proposal, which was made during his ongoing African trip.

Threatened by a mass defection to the alliance from their own ranks, Kuomintang and People First Party chairmen, Lien Chan and James Soong, met yesterday behind closed doors, according to KMT Secretary-General Lin Fong-cheng. They came up with a four-point announcement, Lin said. “First, nothing has changed in the consensus between the two parties (KMT and PFP) to co-field a candidate for the Kaohsiung mayoral race,” he said. “Second, President Chen Shui-bian is using government money on an overseas trip, but he has again and again insulted the nation’s opposition.

“The two chairmen think this kind of behavior is improper… because as head of state, he should not be using government money to plot power struggles between political parties. “Third, the two parties will not make any further responses to President Chen’s so-called ‘National Security Alliance’ until we see what President Chen says and does after he comes back. “Fourth, the chairmen of the two parties are very concerned about the current developments in cross-strait trade and economy.

“We will assign the two parties’ policy bodies to do research and come up with specific measures. The chairmen will announce the measures after discussing them.”