KMT blasts Lee for ‘alien regime’ comment

The China Post staff

A spokesman for the opposition Kuomintang (KMT) yesterday accused former president and KMT chairman Lee Teng-hui of smearing the KMT’s image as well as hurting the feelings of the people.

Justin Chou, assistant director-general of the KMT’s Culture and Communications Affairs Committee, made the criticism via a press statement in reaction to Lee’s remarks that the KMT is an “alien regime.”

“Every political party is fighting for Taiwan, and there is no so-called “alien regime” in Taiwan,” Chou stressed in the statement. “The Taiwan economy is already too fragile to stand such separation.” The KMT has been pursuing democracy, social stability, economic prosperity and ethnic harmony, as well as pursuing peace and prosperity for the two sides across the Taiwan Strait based on the “1992 Consensus.” These policies, which benefit Taiwan, were already set up during Lee’s term and the KMT hasn’t changed its stance on them, Chou noted.

The KMT spokesman went on to point out that although the former president repeatedly denied having pro-independence thoughts during his tenure, he now openly champions for independence with an emphasis that Taiwan independence is his continuing belief and stance. Saying that the KMT is in full agreement with Lee’s remark that “Taiwan’s people are not that stupid, the people will give up on you if you fail to reflect yourself,” Chou stressed that the KMT has consistently engaged in reforms such as establishing the “anti-black gold” regulation in its party charter. The KMT today is not the KMT when Lee was the former president serving as party chairman, the statement said. He also dismissed Lee’s “alien regime” criticism, pointing out that over 85 percent of KMT lawmakers and members were born in Taiwan, not mainland China. “Former President Lee, with his Japanese colonial ideology, keeps on stressing an ‘alien regime’ concept which is out-dated and far from the truth,” Chou said in the statement, adding that the so-called “alien regime” does not exist and that all political parties are striving for Taiwan’s prosperity.