Ko removes dog pound before police arrive

The China Post staff

Ko Tzu-hai’s notorious “omnipresence” in news coverage may be no more than a joke for most people, but for his neighbors, he and his two dozen dogs are a tangible nuisance. His neighbors at a Neihu community on Taipei’s Chengkung Road were excited yesterday when the city’s environmental officials finally took action to tear down an illegally constructed pound where Ko kept stray dogs. “Seeing Ko Tzu-hai is like seeing the plague personified,” a neighbor said of him. The officials had threatened to sue him if he failed to clean up the mess and stink created by the animal shelter.

When the officials arrived at the community, covered in banners residents put up protesting Ko’s pound, they found that the structure was gone, along with the dogs. However, that was not the end of the drama. It was just the beginning. Ko, who had removed the pound and the animals early in the morning before the environmental officials arrived, shouted insults at them from his second-floor apartment. With his usual perseverance, he vowed to bring back the dogs. Ko has seized as many opportunities as he could get for media exposure to relate what he claimed to be his persecution by the government. The scenes of him — or of his hands — holding protest placards behind TV reporters are a regular backdrop to live or recorded news coverage.