‘Wolf ’ fights on for right to study at NTU

The China Post staff

A convicted serial rapist surnamed Yang is fighting for the opportunity to study at the National Taiwan University (NTU) when the new school year opens in September. He was previously denied the chance due to concerns about his ability to correct his sexual perversion in the rehabilitation program. Yang has the unenviable nickname of “the Wolf of Hwakang” for 25 counts of rape and other sexual offenses plus nine robberies and burglaries he committed in the Hwakang area of the Yangmingshan and Shihlin Districts in northern Taiwan. He was sentenced to 16 years in a Taipei Prison in 1996. After relentless preparation, Yang passed the joint collegiate entrance examination and won admission to major in social work at NTU last summer. Yang’s request for parole in order to pursue advanced study sparked a heated debate in Taiwan.

About 30 other convicts who passed the entrance exam were granted the chance to study at various colleges and universities last year. But Yang’s request was subsequently denied. Many students at NTU and their parents were concerned whether Yang had been totally rehabilitated after spending several years in jail. He has been forced to receive compulsory therapy and psychological counseling over the past 12 months. He also became a teachers to help other inmates at the prison to prepare for their collegiate entrance exams. Yang has expressed his strong desire to start studying at NTU in September. If he is denied the chance again, he will have to personally apply for another extension of admission. An official at Taipei Prison pointed out that Yang began receiving mandatory sexual obsession rehabilitation three months ago. The group therapy is coming to an end soon. He said Yang demonstrated significant improvement in exercising self-control. While a parole committee will conduct a new review of his request, his psychological counselor pointed out that Yang has undergone a complete change under his guidance. Professor Wang Huang-san, dean of academic affairs at Chung Yuan Christian University in Taoyuan County, said that he personally provided assistance to Yang’s study of sociology, classical writings by great authors, advancement in religion, and therapy. Wang said he is satisfied with Yang’s completion of the assigned homework every week. He said Yang is inspired by the hero of the popular French novel Les Miserables which describes how a former convict made significant contributions to society after serving 19 years in jail. He said Yang has learned to discuss his past with others and bravely face the future. Yang also learned about grace and love from the Bible, according to Wang. Yang even learned to care for others and learned to be humble with the determination of leading a fulfilling life in his remaining years, added Wang.