ASE, IBM team up to tackle flip chip substrates

Sherry Chien, The China Post

Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Incorporated (ASE) and IBM yesterday announced its new alliance, which will see ASE utilizing IBM’s Surface Laminar Circuit (SLC) substrates to develop ASE’s flip chip packaging technology. ASE will be able to design, build and make up different flip chip modules using the advanced flip chip substrates through this alliance. ASE and IBM will also jointly provide different SLC services, electronics, mechanical and thermal modeling. “We are impressed with the flip chip capabilities of the ASE engineering team and are glad to be collaborating on advanced packaging solutions for our customers,” said Hal M. Lasky, director of interconnect products at IBM Microelectronics. “Flip chip allocations demand synergy between substrate and assemble processes, materials and product requirements. Together, IBM and ASE are providing a powerful solution to cover these demanding requirements,” he added.

The application of a flip chip needs to closely integrate substrate design and packaging process in order to fulfill the material and product’s demands. IBM and ASE jointly provide a set of reinforced solutions to cope with the strict demand of flip chip development. “In recent years, we have seen the proliferating use of flip chip technology to package chips with higher I/Os and increased functional complexity, and ASE is dedicated to provide advanced flip chip packaging technologies to support this demand,” said J.J. Lee, vice president of the ASE Group Research and Development. He also noted, “We continue to tap solutions from key technology leaders such as IBM, one of the industry’s foremost supplier of interconnect products and services. Integrating IBM’s SLC substrates into our flip chip package offerings makes possible the higher density of IC designs at all levels for a wide variety of applications.” ASE’s announcement shows its ability to offer its customers a complete turnkey flip chip solution from wafer bumping, wafer probing, flip chip assembly and material supply to final testing.

ASE is one of the world’s largest independent providers of semiconductor packaging services. ASE has worked with over 40 customers on more than 60 devices including copper ICs using its flip chip technology and services.