Cellphone sales hit 3 mil. units in 1st half

Cathy Chou, The China Post

Sales of cellphones during the first half of the year reached three million units, with Nokia and Motorola taking a combined lion’s share of 75 percent, according to cellphone stores.

Synnex, a major communications chain store in Taiwan, reported that it sold 1.2 million units during the first six months, marking a rapid growth of 79 percent from one year ago. The growth was attributed to its new partnership with Chunghwa Telecom Company, which allows Synnex to sell handsets with the Chunghwa mobile phone services.

Aurora sold 250,000 cellphones during the first six months, which was a sharp fall of 40 percent from one year ago.

The Motorola T191 was the best seller at Aurora for the first six months. Other models in the top 10 included Nokia 8310, Nokia 8250, Nokia 8855, Motorola V8088, Samsung A288, Nokia 3315, Motorola T190, Nokia 3330, Motorola V60 and Motorola V70.

Senao International, another major communications chain store, reported sales of 1.03 million units for the first half, a slight growth from one year earlier. The company set a conservative sales target of around two million units for the year.

The top 10 cellphone models sold at the company’s outlets during the first half of 2002 were Nokia 3310, Motorola P7689, Nokia 8250, Motorola V8088, Nokia 3350, Alcatel OT701, Alcatel OT511, OKWAP i66, Motorola T190 and Motorola V90. The Nokia 3310 and Motorola P7689 models maintained their first and second places, respectively, from one year earlier. New models among the top 10 sellers at Senao International were Nokia 8250, Nokia 3350, Alcatel OT511, Motorola T190 and Motorola V60. An executive at Senao added that Siemens, Nokia and Sony Ericsson will all launch new MMS models during the third quarter and that may help boost sales.

Sony Ericsson, which had been in third place behind Nokia and Motorola, fell out of the top 10 for the first half of the year. Alcatel, Panasonic and Samsung competed for the third, fourth and fifth spots.

Korean brand of Samsung experienced an impressive growth thanks to the current Korean frenzy in Taiwan.