Taipeibank officer protests ‘political persecution’

The China Post staff

A branch office deputy manager fired by Taipeibank for allegedly insulting the bank’s top executives staged a protest in front of the bank’s headquarters yesterday. The dismissed Huang Yu-yen, accompanied by over 30 people form the national bank workers union, confronted riot police guarding the gates to the bank’s headquarters on Taipei’s Chungshan North Road. Huang, second in command at the bank’s Yenping branch, was shown the door Tuesday for having circulated an e-mail that the Taipeibank management described as “a serious insult to the employers.” But Huang, an incumbent vice chairman of the Taiwan Independence Party, and a former chief of the national bank workers union, claimed his dismissal was “political persecution.” He said he was axed because in the e-mail he questioned allegedly dubious operations of the bank and called for a boycott of Taipei Mayor Ma Ying-jeou in the year-end election. He also argued that e-mail was sent in the name of the union, and Taipeibank could not have fired him over a matter between the bank and the union. But the bank’s managing director, Jesse Y. Ding, said the e-mail was full of personal attacks, and Huang obviously had crossed the line. Ding said the decision by the bank’s personnel supervisory committee to fire Huang was irreversible.

Huang later also sought help from the Cabinet’s Council of Labor Affairs, which told him that it would not intervene at this stage. It advised Huang to file a complaint with the city’s labor authorities instead of taking the case to the court.