Couple killed by lightning on mainland

The China Post staff

A Taiwan couple touring mainland China’s Jiangxi Province were struck by lightning and killed on Wednesday, the Central News Agency reported yesterday. Tsui Ho-chen died immediately after being hit by lightening, while her husband passed away from a serious brain injury after being rushed to a hospital. The two were not traveling as part of a tour, according to Taiwan’s travel agency association.

Their children arrived in mainland China on Friday and yesterday returned to Taiwan with the ashes of their parents. The lightening also killed two mainland Chinese tourists, who were professors in the mainland, and injured many others.

The exact number of injured was unclear. Some media reports put the number at over 40 but a Taiwan Affairs Office official in Jiangxi said ten tourists were injured. The tourists were in a pavilion on the mountain of Lushan in eastern China’s Jianxi province.

One woman said she was knocked unconscious when the lightening struck. When she awoke, she felt as if her body was on fire, a mainland paper quoted her as saying.

She suffered burns to her back, arms and legs.

The injured were treated at the Lushan People’s Hospital, where victims were taken by local taxi drivers, who along with other tourists, helped to carry out the rescue effort.