Hong Kong people hunt for jobs in Taiwan

Cathy Chou, The China Post

A high unemployment rate in Hong Kong has doubled the number of Hong Kong people seeking jobs in Taiwan. Compared to Taiwan workers, job hunters from Hong Kong generally have a higher education level but ask for relatively lower wages, according to a local Chinese newspaper.

The unemployment rate in Hong Kong reached 7.4 percent in June partly due to the worldwide economic downturn. Hong Kong people therefore became more willing to seek jobs overseas. Taiwan proved to be an attractive market, in part due to its proximity to Hong Kong. The 1111 Job Bank said that over 1,465 people from Hong Kong have registered to seek jobs in Taiwan since it started a Hong Kong section in May. The average salary requested among Hong Kong applicants with a bachelor’s degree or higher was NT$43,000, which is 20 percent lower than their average Hong Kong salary. Over half of the applicants had more than five years working experience, 40 percent of the applicants worked in financial institutions and 20 percent specialized in science and engineering.