Man slays woman, jumps to death from building

The China Post staff

A mentally-ill man leaped off a building to take his own life yesterday after killing woman and wounding two people in Taipei. The killer, 58-year-old Liu Rong, who reportedly was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, rented an apartment at World Villa, a upper-scale residential neighborhood in Taipei’s Wenshan District. Liu took a knife with him to the sales office of World Villa, located on the first floor of his apartment building, fatally stabbing a female sales representative and wounding a male sales clerk and a cleaning lady yesterday morning. The woman, who was stabbed in the heart, lost her life due to massive bleeding. The victim was later identified as 44-year-old Chiu Hsiu-fang. The male sales Liu Cheng-hong was cut in his hand and chest and was in critical condition at a nearby hospital. And the cleaning lady Huang Hsiu-tao, who had a minor cut to her hands, was released from hospital after treatment. According to the police, Liu took his own life after committing the murder by jumping off his eighth floor apartment after slicing his wrist. He died of multiple bone fractures.

Local media reported that Liu’s act was trigger by disputes with the management company of World Villa. Liu made constant complaints to the company about being harassed and bullied by his neighbors. It’s reported that Liu filed a lawsuit against a Taipei City Councilor on the grounds that he was being bullied by the councilor and his girlfriend.

It’s also reported that Liu was often seen speaking to himself and sometimes shouted at neighbors for no reasons. Liu, who had a history of repeated suicide attempts, left a blood-stained suicide note confessing his action, according to media reports.