PenPower reveals new recognition technologies

Tyler Hung, The China Post

PenPower Technology Ltd. yesterday revealed various new Intelligent Human Computer Interface technologies that will further enhance the contributions of computers to human life. Among the technologies revealed were the World Phone software, iCard software, a security authentication machine, TTS (Text-to-Speech) software, and handwriting recognition technology. The technologies featured solutions for consumers, businesses, and also corporations.

The World Phone software is a program that will allow users to manage their cellular phone programs, such as address books, screen savers, and images, on a computer. This allows for input of addresses and phone numbers into the computer and then transfer of the information to the phone via an infrared line. The iCard software is a solution for businesses with database needs. Business cards or identification cards are scanned into the computer with an included card scanner and the system automatically recognizes and inputs information such as an ID#, name, address, phone number, etc. This will allow companies to easily share employee or client contacts. The security authentication machine will recognize and authenticate registered users of the system. Large companies such as banks that require secure authentication can use the machine with 4 different types of authentication techniques. Users can be authenticated through an infrared eye scan, fingerprint scan, signature recognition, or voice recognition. The system can be programmed to include all or a combination of the processes to authenticate the registered user. Product Design Manager of PenPower Technology, Horace Chen, stated, “various keyboard-less devices such as the PDA, Web pad/Tablet PC, smart phone, all use the handwriting recognition technique”.

Tsay Yih-Tay, founder and General Manager of PenPower Technology Ltd. hopes that these new technologies will “be incorporated into businesses and provide solutions for companies as well as consumers”. PenPower Technology already takes up over 75 percent of the market in Asia with its innovative recognition systems. The company’s sales come mostly from handwriting recognition with 65 percent coming from that area, and 15 percent of sales from OCR (optical character recognition) devices, and twenty percent from voice recognition products. A large percentage of the sales come from the Greater China with Hong Kong accounting for 47 percent, and Taiwan and China accounting for 25 percent and 21 percent respectively.

PenPower’s sales networks cover Hong Kong, Taiwan, mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, North America and Europe. In the mainland alone, the company has over 50 authorized resellers and over 2000 sales outlets. By 2004, the company expects to license another 200 dealerships in the mainland.