Acer reports 20.5% increase in PC sales

Tyler Hung, The China Post

Acer announced a 20.5 increase in sales to Europe during the second quarter, compared to the second quarter of the previous year. According to preliminary data from IDC, the average growth of the top ten computer companies in Europe was a negative 6.3 percent.

Acer has a 5.5 percent market share in Europe with its increase of 20.5 percent in shipments from the second quarter of 2001. The IDC’s preliminary figures put Acer in sixth place and with a 12.5 percent growth rate for Acer’s desktop PCs in Europe, the company was clearly above the negative 11.3 percent overall industry rate. Acer’s mobile PCs ranked number four in the industry with a growth rate of 29.4 percent, almost 20 percent above the 10.1 percent overall industry rate. Acer’s strategic planning in Europe focused on understanding the needs of the local market, smart use human resources and strengthening relationships with partners. By the end of this year, Acer expects a 20 percent increase of revenues from its European operations.

Stan Shih, chairman and CEO of Acer Group said, “After a year of restructuring, Acer Europe appears to be steadily growing. Acer has also actively devoted its efforts to the Greater China region, in order to become one of the top five PC companies. Also, Acer America showed profits for two months in a row. Last but not least, Acer is still and will always be the leader in the Asia-Pacific region. The new Acer is just like a plane on the runway, ready for take-off.”