Kangaroo smashes through window of Melbourne home

MELBOURNE, Australia, AP

An injured and starving kangaroo that hopped into suburban Melbourne looking for food and water smashed through the window of a house before collapsing under a table and later dying, officials said Monday.

The eastern gray kangaroo, which had an injured foot, cut its head and stomach when it bounded through the window of Melanie Coonan’s home in the Melbourne suburb of Mill Park early Monday morning, Melbourne Zoo veterinarian Dr. Kate Bodley said.

Coonan was asleep when the kangaroo crashed through the window of her study and entangled itself in the blinds. It left a trail of blood and broken glass as it hopped frantically through the house, overturning furniture, she said.

Bodley said the kangaroo was still alive when officials found it, but that it died a few hours later.

“The period of intense physical activity and stress prior to entering the house is likely to have resulted in shock and subsequent death,” she said.

Richard Hunter, executive officer for the Royal Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals, said Melbourne’s long dry spell meant kangaroos on the city’s fringes had wandered into the suburbs in search of food and water.

Much of Australia’s east coast is in the grip of a drought, caused by the onset of the El Nino phenomenon, which brings drier than usual conditions to the southern hemisphere nation.