HK singer So to spend one month in rehab for treatment

The China Post staff

Hong Kong pop singer William So Wing-hong was sent to a detention center in Taipei County for a month-long rehabilitation on Friday night after he was convicted of using prohibited drugs. So could be released from the rehab center in 15 days if an evaluation team of physicians, psychiatrists, nurses and social workers determines that he will not use illicit drugs again. However, if So shows no sings of improvement after completing the rehab program, he could face a one-year rehab treatment plan in a prison. According to media reports, So spent a quiet first night at the rehab facility on Friday, taking meals regularly.

He has cooperated with the staff of the rehab center and has made no complaints, according to prison officials. So was arrested on June 8 after police raided a local night club and found several Ecstasy pills on the floor near a sofa on which the singer was sleeping. He voluntarily applied for rehabilitation after his urine samples turned up positive for Ecstasy use. But So maintained his innocence, saying he had only taken diet pills and tranquilizers prescribed by doctors in Singapore. But a distressed So noted that it would prolong the court hearings to have the Singapore doctors come to testify in Taipei, and that he could no longer stand the pressure and torture of waiting.

According to So’s agent, Lee Ya-ming, the Hong Kong entertainer has used anti-depression medication since his alleged drug problem became headline news in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

So also sought comfort in religion, sometimes sitting in front of a Buddha shrine at his house for the whole day, Lee told reporters. Lee pleaded with fans to support So during this hard time and urged them to write letters and send faxes to the singer. So has a large base of fans in Taiwan. It has been reported that there are even a number of his fans in the rehab center in Tuchen, Taipei County. In related news, a 1,200-ping pub called “Lion King” in Taoyuan County was in the spotlight yesterday after Vice President and former Taoyuan County commissioner Annette Lu called for local police to crack down on the use of Ecstasy in the pub.

Lu, following an early morning inspection of the popular pub yesterday, urged society to ask why youngsters prefer to spend their nights at pubs instead of going home.