TSU nets KMT young Turk Chiu Teh-hung for legislative poll

TAIPEI, Taiwan, The China Post Staff

The Taiwan Solidarity Union (TSU) announced yesterday former Kuomintang (KMT) member Chiu Teh-hung is expected to vie for a legislative seat on the TSU ticket. TSU secretary-general Lin Chih-chia made the announcement after Chiu met with formal President and TSU “spiritual leader” Lee Teng-hui in the morning. Chiu has recently come to the limelight for calling KMT Chairman Lien Chan a “lazy worm” and it is rumored that he is keen to explore opportunities with other parties.

After the meeting, he compared the former president to “Ta Pang” bird, a legendary mighty bird from ancient literature and Lien to a “sparrow.”

But Chiu remains tight-lipped as to whether he will enter the year-end legislative elections representing the “pan-green” TSU.

“I will consult with my family before making a final decision,” he said. The TSU is expected to nominate Chiu during its Central Executive Committee meeting next Monday, according to Lin. The former leader of the KMT’s “Blue Eagle Warrior” will campaign for the TSU in Miaoli County.

To counter Chiu’s latest attack, KMT spokeswoman Kuo Su-chun called him an “opportunist who set the worst example for young people.” “Chiu’s previous remark made people wonder what was his real intention and his real intention is made clear in less than a month,” she said. Kuo said the KMT is tolerant enough not to take any disciplinary action against Chiu but he has repeatedly included the party in achieving his personal political gains.

“I hope the young man will seriously reflect on his behavior,” she added. The 567 Alliance, another KMT sub-group composed of young people, dubbed Chiu a “camouflage worm” who is promoting his legislative campaign under the disguise of advocating reforms for the KMT. The alliance also charged that Chiu, an opportunist who lacks any political ideals, is the “worst role model” for young people.