Playing with Matisse and Picasso all part of learning for Taipei children

Aventurina King, TAIPEI, Taiwan, Special to The China Post

Everywhere children crowded the floor, the clamor of their laughter filled the space. And no, this is not the description of a downtown playground but of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum’s new exhibition, the Matisse and Picasso discovery workshop. A hybrid of an exhibition and a workshop, the event displays several works from the two famous occidental artists and enables children to experiment with their art techniques. Works of Matisse include extracts from his 150-page book, Jazz. Plates of one of the 120 original copies reveal collages of bright color paper cut-outs. The few pages of French text remind us that the work is entirely devoted to Matisse’s art. Picasso is present via four of his painted ceramics. The depicted animals are unlike any of Picasso’s other works.

The exhibition comes from France where it was held at the Pompidou center in Paris. Nadine Courbet, one of the French organizers, emphasizes the important role of the event. “This exhibition gives children a first look at art. I hope it will inspire them, kindle their interest,” she said. Moreover, it is an “active pedagogy. In one part of the space, the children are asked questions about the pieces. But there are no fixed answers, they must come up with their own”.

The direct purpose of the exhibition, however, should not discourage adults. If rediscovering art through games is not appealing, the event offers a number of vibrant works, interesting video footage and pictures of the artists. Both adults and children are welcome to this event starting today and running until October 3.