Legislator beaten up in Tainan

The China Post staff

A Democratic Progressive Party legislator was clubbed to the ground outside his home in Tainan yesterday and rushed to hospital for emergency treatment, where doctors said he was in a stable condition. Police have arrested three young men and a woman and are currently questioning them about their motives for the surprise attack. DPP legislator William Lai was leaving his house in Tainan city in the mid-afternoon when he was surrounded by a group of attackers who beat him with clubs. At around 300 p.m., onlookers called the police who rushed to the scene and arrested the four suspects.

Lai by that stage had already fallen to the ground unconscious and was rushed to Chengda Hospital, one of Tainan’s major hospitals. As of press time, Lai was in Chengda Hospital undergoing X-ray examinations from doctors, who were checking for internal injuries. He received wounds to his eyes and nose but his external injuries did not appear to be serious.

DPP legislative whip Tsai Huang-liang said he suspected the attack was politically motivated. Tsai said Lai, who is a Harvard-educated doctor, is liked by all because of his moderate and reasonable personality. “He is not the sort of person to attract ill-will or become embroiled in electoral disputes,” Tsai said. “It is really surprising that this clubbing incident has occurred.” Tsai said the DPP wanted the police to get to the bottom of the incident and severely punish the perpetrators. He also said the DPP wanted Lai to be under police protection in the future.

He said the DPP’s legislative corps would visit Tainan this morning to give Lai support and try and understand more about the incident.