U.S. eases Sudan sanctions threat in U.N. resolution


The United States, facing opposition in the U.N. Security Council, softened the wording on Thursday in a draft resolution threatening sanctions against Sudan if it failed to rein in Arab militias in Darfur.

The latest U.S. draft dropped the word “sanctions,” after seven of the U.N. Security Council’s 15 members expressed a range of concerns about using the word, following strong objections from Sudan.

But the draft still maintained the threat of U.N. sanctions by expressing the council’s intention to invoke measures under Article 41 of the U.N. Charter should the government fail to fulfill commitments to disarm the Janjaweed militias and give relief workers full access to the region. Article 41 says the Security Council can impose sanctions, short of armed force, that could include trade embargoes, severance of diplomatic relations and other steps.