Gov’t unveils Taiwan film assistance

By Yingrid Ho The China Post

A plan to further the local industries of filmmaking and audio-visual production was unveiled yesterday by the Government Information Office (GIO) of the Executive Yuan.

Worried that local movies are losing their competitiveness at home and abroad, the Ministry of Economics invited the GIO to come up with strategies and incentives to boost the relevant industries.

Statistics show that as of July, only 21 films out of the 177 movies broadcasted in Taiwan were local productions. In terms of revenues, Taiwan films accounted for merely 1 percent of total box office takings. The plan, dubbed the “Film Industry Development Program,” involves three phases through a period of ten years.

The first starts from the present to 2007, aiming to help local productions see a 10 percent growth in box office takings each year. The second starts from 2008 to 2011, when the government plans to provide incentives to promote annual production of up to 30 films a year, with 10 percent annual growth at the box office. In the third phase, starting from 2009 to 2014, other than improving volume and revenues, the government is to help solicit more international projects for local filmmakers. GIO said the government could play a better role in helping local producers and film companies solicit more international opportunities.

“Taiwan has been one of the most significant suppliers of Chinese-language publications and media contents, so we are confident in promoting the film industry to the world stage.”