Battered Vietnamese wife gets visit from Mom

TAICHUNG, Taiwan, The China Post Staff

The mother of a battered Vietnamese wife arrived in Taiwan yesterday to visit her daughter who recently recovered from seven months of torture. The Vietnamese wife, referred to as “A Ling” by the media, dropped to little more than 20 kilograms from 40 kilograms when she was found abandoned at a power plant in Taichung County with bruises and cuts all over her body. A Ling allegedly endured starvation, repeated beatings and physical abuses by her husband Liu Cheng-chi and his ex-wife from July 2002 to February 2003. Liu claimed that he was upset at his Vietnamese wife because she spread a sexually-transmitted disease to him. Liu and his ex-wife reportedly tied A Ling’s hands with duct tape, shot rubber bands at her eyelids when she closed her eyes, and scratched her back with a small knife. They also pierced A Ling’s fingers with needles and forced her to dip her wounded fingers in salt water.

A Ling, who is fluent in Mandarin, has attracted a great degree of interest after the media reported her horrifying experience. Her heart-wrenching stories were also reported by the Vietnamese media where many of her countrymen expressed concerns over her well-being. She has received help from charity groups in Taiwan and works as a translator for a match-making agency in Taipei County which arranged her marriage. Upon arriving at the airport, A Ling’s mother hugged her tightly and both cried. A Ling said she was overjoyed to see her mother and plans to show her around Taiwan. Liu is charged with enslavement, abandonment, assault and battery, and will face a seven-year jail sentence if convicted. He denied any wrongdoing and claimed that A Ling inflicted the wounds herself.