Wang Mei-ying returns to Citigroup

Yingrid Ho, TAIPEI, Taiwan, The China Post

Once a finance manager at Citigroup Taiwan and dedicated spouse to the former Vice Minister of Finance Yang Tze-kiang, Wang Mei-ying has been lured back by her old employer to take up the challenges of public relations. The position had been vacant since the previous head Joyce Chen left for the China Development Financial Holding Corp. in May. Wang, inaugurated in late July as the spokesperson and vice president of the Citigroup Corporate Affairs, said she is very excited to come back to a bank “most admired for its efficiency and training programs.”

Speaking of her new job, Wang believes that based on her eight years experience at the bank, she can continue to maintain the corporate culture and the transparent image of the bank. With a bachelor’s degree from National Taiwan University, Wang received her MBA from the University of Berkley. In 1988 she was admitted to Citibank’s management associate program, a famed training ladder that sends many elite bankers to the bank’s management cadre.