Su Ching-yang moves to Yulon Group

TAIPEI, Taiwan, The China Post Staff

Su Ching-yang, general manager of China Motor Corporation, will assumes the post as Yulon Group’s vice executive chairman effective on August 16. China Motor Vice General Manager Huang Wen-cheng will be promoted to succeed him as new general manager.

In his new position at Yulon Group, Su will assist Executive Chairman Kenneth K.T, Yen and be in charge of the marketing division.

Su was reported to have expressed his attempt for retirement in a meeting of the board of directors at China Motor in June.

Yen accepted his retirement request, but at the same time created a new position for him at Yulon Group as vice executive chairman.

China Motor, a subsidiary of Yulon Motor, will appoint Su as a senior advisor after his retirement. He will keep his other positions such as director of China Motor Corporation, vice chairman of Shung Ye Group, chairman of China Engine Corporation and chairman of Sinjang Enterprises.