Online shopper numbers growing with 2.1 mil. buyers

The China Post staff

The number of online shoppers in Taiwan is growing rapidly with more than 2.1 million persons having purchased various kinds of goods from the Internet as of the end of June, according to ACNielsen data. The categories of beauty care, clothing and fashion accessories were most popular among the online shoppers. Over 370,000 people have ordered goods through the Internet in the first six months. Women accounted for nearly 90 percent of beauty care and cosmetics products sold.

Travel is the another popular category for online sales. Around 300,000 people have booked trips on the Internet in the first six months.

The ACNielsen survey showed online shoppers are also the group most likely to use online financing services. The survey showed that about 9.1 percent of Internet shoppers have used online banking services, and about 16.9 percent of them have purchased mutual funds using their online accounts.

The number of online shoppers in Taiwan increased significantly from the 730,000 persons during the first half of 2002 to 2.1 million at the end of June this year. Those aged between 20 and 39 account for a lion’s share of about 70 percent. Although only 10 percent of online consumers are aged 40 to 49, this group have much stronger purchasing power, and could become a major target group for online services, the ACNielsen survey said.