Abstracts come together at museum

Aventurina King, TAIPEI, Taiwan, Special to The China Post

Taiwanese abstract painting began in the 1950s under the influence of Western abstract art movements. Though, for Fang-Wei Chang, chief curator of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, these Taiwan artists were much more than disciples of the West, they were individuals in search of the island’s voice. The museum’s new exhibition, Geometric Abstraction, opens today to make this voice heard. It features a wide variety of Taiwan paintings and sculptures from the 1960s onward. More specifically, the works are divided into two groups, between those predating and those following the 1980s. Fang-Wei Chang explains “this enables the viewer to compare the two periods, grasp the art movement’s development”. Though there is a clear transition from faintly realistic to completely abstract works an oriental feeling remains. There is a warmth, a meaningfulness that does not come from the West. More than an exhibition, the event is a research into Taiwanese art. Fang-Wei Chang intimated “this is the first exhibit to explore this part of Taiwan’s art history. People generally view it as cold and incomprehensible but I think it must be uncovered”.

This rather neglected side of Taiwanese art will be free for discovery until October 10th.