Four vehicle pile-up on freeway leaves one dead, seven injured

The China Post staff

A four vehicle pile-up on the Chungshan Freeway left one dead and seven injured early Monday morning when a Freego bus rammed into a flatbed in northern Taiwan.

Police said the driver of the bus, 46-year-old Song You-chuan, was found dead at the scene after the impact caved in the front end of his bus.

The driver of the flatbed, Tai Hung-chun, was rushed to the Linkou Chang Gung Hospital for treatment. Six bus passengers were sent to the Minsheng General Hospital in nearby Taiyuan to receive treatment for minor injuries.

Investigators said the bus was making an early morning run between Taipei and Hsinchu when the accident happened.

The most likely cause for the crash was that the bus driver failed to keep a safe distance with the truck in front of him, police said.

Construction workers were laying asphalt down the road from where the accident took place and some lanes were closed to traffic as a result, police said.

The bus driver probably wasn’t aware of this and was unable to brake in time when traffic started slowing down in front of him, according to police.

A blood test showed that the bus driver had not been drinking, ruling out driving under the influence as a cause for the accident.