Hsu’s death a wakeup call

The China Post

The sudden death of actress Beatrice Hsu (Hsu Wei-lun) has saddened the many people who loved and admired her for her beauty and devotion to the performing arts. And it also reminded the public of the importance of heeding traffic regulations. The 28-year-old actress and singer, who was the idol of countless young people, died on Sunday, two days after sustaining a serious head injury in a car crash on Sun Yat-sen Freeway.

The accident occurred when Hsu’s assistant, Lin Yi-wen, drove her in a sedan on Friday night. While police are still investigating the cause of the mishap, initial enquiries showed that the car they were in were traveling at a high speed and that Hsu might have left her seatbelt unfastened.

Entertainers who are famous and popular enjoy many privileges that are the envy of the general public. But, like everyone else, they need to abide by traffic rules while on the road. Traffic safety is a major cause of death in our society. The campaign to make the island’s roads safer still leaves a lot to be desired.