First ‘Taiwan’ stamps to be issued: premier


State-owned Taiwan Post Co., formerly known as Chunghwa Post Co. prior to a recent name change, is slated to publish its first stamps carrying the word “Taiwan “ Wednesday — the 60th anniversary of the 2-28 Incident, Premier Su Tseng-chang said yesterday.

Su made the remarks during a Cabinet meeting after hearing a briefing by Taiwan Post Co. officials on their preparations to launch its first “Taiwan” stamps featuring the 2-28 Incident Memorial Hall.

Su hailed the Taiwan Post Co.’s efficiency in issuing the stamp and called for public understanding of the government’s sincerity when it comes to both facing up to history and expressing its love for the nation.

According to Su, the publication of the stamps carrying “Taiwan” forms a part of the government’s effort to acknowledge the suffering of families of the 2-28 Incident victims and to underscore Taiwan’s sovereignty as an independent nation.

Thousands of Taiwan’s elite were massacred by Kuomintang government troops in the 1947 incident — two years before the KMT regime relocated to Taiwan from China.

Taiwan Post Co. was one of the three state-run companies that decided to change their corporate names recently as part of the Democratic Progressive Party administration’s name rectification campaign to signify Taiwan’s distinct national identity.