Students get zero scores in English, Chinese

The China Post staff

More than 13,000 senior students at senior high schools got a zero score for the English-language composition in the scholastic ability test while over 2,100 of them failed to get any score for Chinese composition. A total of over 150,000 senior high school students who are slated for graduation in June took the nationwide examination. Both English language and Chinese literature were required subjects for the mandatory test for those who plan to apply for admission into colleges and universities for the coming summer. Writing short compositions were among the major components in the language exams. Only one student got the full score of 27 for composition while as many as 2,104 failed to win any single score for their incomprehensible writing in their mother tongue, Chinese. The students’ average performance in English, the primary foreign language in Taiwan schools, was even worse since 13,040 got the zero score for their gibberish.

Only one student obtained the full score of 20 in English composition. For the translation section in the English-language test, there was an even higher number of 16,465 students receiving a zero score. One teacher who supervised the examinations shook her head in disbelief about the unusually high numbers of students getting zero scores after studying both Chinese languages for almost 12 years and English for around 10 years. A total of 68 students in different schools islandwide won the full scores for the five subjects of Chinese, English, mathematics, history and geography, and natural science. The number represented a sharp decrease of 91 from last year. The privileged 68 students are almost certain to be able to enter the departments and higher learning institutions they plan to apply with their exceptional academic performance. Some 22 high school students in Taipei City got the full scores.

The Taipei Municipal Chien Kuo Senior High School topped the list with 13 students, followed by six from the Taipei Municipal First Girls Senior High School, and two from the Senior High School Affiliated to the National Taiwan Normal University. The Taichung Municipal First Senior High School had the highest number of 11 full-score students in Taiwan area outside Taipei while the Kaohsiung Municipal Senior High School had three. These top-notch high school graduates will choose diverse departments in different fields at top-ranked universities, including the majors of medical science, physics, electrical engineering, veterinary science, and law.