2-28 Foundation to ‘exist forever’: premier


Premier Su Tseng-chang announced yesterday that the non-profit 2-28 Incident Memorial Foundation, which was inaugurated in 1995 and which is slated to become history in 2010, will “exist forever.”

Su said he will see to it that the foundation — established by the Executive Yuan in April 1995 based on the Compensation and Rehabilitation Act, which was signed into law by then President Lee Teng-hui for the 2-28 Incident of 1947 to deal with compensation and rehabilitation matters for the victims of the incident — will not become history in 2010 and instead will remain in operation.

Su said that since 2000 when the Democratic Progressive Party came to power, the government has presented certificates to families of the 2-28 Incident victims to clear the victims’ names.

Over the past six years, Su said, the foundation has not only provided compensation to the families of the victims of the incident, it has also consoled them by holding memorial activities, investigating the truth, and paying personal visits to them.

The foundation has compiled a mammoth archive of 16 volumes about the 2-28 Incident — which happened due to the mismanagement of the then Taiwan provincial government and cost thousands of people their lives — so as to provide researchers with accurate accounts for their studies on that period in history, Su added.

The incident severely impeded social harmony and created ethnic cleavage. After the lifting of martial law in 1987, the government, realizing the impact the incident had had upon our society, decided to ameliorate this historic tragedy and to promote integration of all ethnic groups. In 1990, the Executive Yuan set up a task force, inviting scholars and experts to study the incident. The “Report of the February-28 Incident” was then published in 1992. In 1995. the Feb. 28 Memorial Monument was established in the Feb. 28 Peace Park in Taipei City, which has served as a symbol and a cornerstone for a more harmonious society.

Meanwhile, Su said a “2-28 Peace Fund” will be established soon by the government in the hopes that NT$1.5 billion will be allocated over five years to help finance the sustainable operations of the 2-28 Incident Memorial Foundation.