VP Lu demands apology from CNN

The China Post staff

Vice President Annette Lu is demanding that Atlanta-based CNN apologize for quoting an AP story that she considers derogatory. Cheng Wen-tsan, director-general of the Government Information Office, said last night that the vice president has prepared a letter of protest, which is being sent to Atlanta. CNN posted the AP dispatch from Taipei on Annette Lu’s press conference at the Grand Hotel yesterday on its Web site. Lu announced her candidacy for president at the press conference. In the dispatch, filed by Min Lee, Annette Lu was characterized by Beijing as a “crazy separatist.”

Min Lee also quoted China’s state-run media as calling the vice president “insane” for favoring a formal split from the mainland and the “scum of the nation.” But the CNN Web site headlined the AP story “Taiwan’s ‘scum of the nation’ runs for president.” That is the reason why Lu protested against the CNN but not against the AP. Aside from the apology, the vice president is demanding a correction or an exclusive “comprehensive interview,” Cheng said. “She wants all this to be done to defend the dignity of the country,” said the GIO chief. He said the presidential public affairs office has sent the letter of protest to CNN via the Taipei Economic and Cultural Affairs Office in Atlanta.