Report: India lawmaker lied about nationality


He’s got four different birth days, two different places of birth, several different home addresses, a possible murder conviction — and, an Indian television channel reported Wednesday, lawmaker M. K. Subba isn’t even Indian.

Even though India’s parliament has seen several criminals and murderers come and go, the allegations that a member of India’s Parliament has served for eight years under false pretenses was met with shock from officials.

Within hours of the report being aired by the CNN-IBN news channel Wednesday, opposition parties demanded that Subba, a member of the ruling Congress party, be kicked out of Parliament’s lower house, known as the Lok Sabha.

Neither officials at the Lok Sabha or the Congress party were immediately available for comment, but Subba laughed off the charges when reached Wednesday.

“I’m going to slap a defamation case against them (CNN-IBN),” he said in a telephone interview, giggling, chortling and laughing throughout.

Questions about Subba’s past have been floating around for some time, and he’s previously been asked to prove his nationality in court, a case that is still pending.

But on Wednesday CNN-IBN said it had obtained documents proving that the lawmaker from Assam state, in India’s northeast, is actually a citizen of neighboring Nepal.

Member’s of India’s Parliament have to be Indian, and according to CNN-IBN, Subba has been using forged documents saying he is Indian since first running for Assam’s state legislature in 1991. The various documents indicated that Subba claims to have been born on four different dates between 1951 and 1958, in two different places and now has several different homes, according to the news channel.

CNN-IBN also reported that Subba left Nepal to escape a murder conviction.