Police vow to identify rapists in Shilin

The China Post staff

The medical student who was raped Sunday after being abducted near a mass rapid transit (MRT) station by Shilin Night Market was able to provide a description of the two perpetrators, police said yesterday. The victim, who said she remained composed during the ordeal to try to remember what the perpetrators looked like, told police details about the criminals, describing that they were of medium build, wearing black coats, spoke to each other in Taiwanese and Chinese, and appeared to be in their thirties.

This information, along with the fingerprints and semen samples of the two men that police were able to obtain, will serve to bring the criminals to justice – a task National Police Director-General Hou Yu-ih yesterday vowed to accomplish, according to CNA. The special task force in charge of the case yesterday said that if the rapists have prior criminal records, they should be able to hone in on the suspects by using their DNA samples within three days after they start the sample-matching. According to United Evening News, after visiting Shilin Night Market, the victim was getting ready to go home at around 1 a.m. Sunday and fetched her motorbike, which she parked opposite the No. 2 exit of the Jiantan MRT Station, when the suspects covered her mouth and threw her into a car and drove off. The men drove to the Tachia Riverside Park beside the Keelung River, where they proceeded to rape her inside the car. Afterwards, they pushed the naked victim off the car, along with her coat. The victim at first knelt for some twenty minutes, after which she was discovered and helped by a couple who were driving by. Quoting statistics compiled by the National Police Agency, Hou said violent crime in Taiwan dropped 15 percent last year compared with the previous year and that police were able to crack 90 percent of major criminal cases, according to CNA. He added that statistics aside, police are attentive to the public’s feelings about serious crime and will do their best to provide them with a safe living environment.