Domestic violence, sex abuse cases up in Taipei


The number of cases of domestic violence and sex abuse reported over the past three years has risen, according to officials from the Taipei city government’s Department of Health.

Around 40 percent of the victims in both categories of assault did not go to hospital to document their injuries, officials said. The remarks came after the officials published statistics collected from the capital city¡¦s domestic violence and sexual assault prevention center and 23 hospitals.

The statistics show that last year the number of children and teenagers subject to domestic violence accounted for 8.4 percent of such reported cases, while that of those who were sexually abused made up 45 percent of sexual assault cases, officials noted.

In addition, the officials pointed out that men could also be the victims as the number of male domestic violence victims represented 18 percent of the total number of domestic assault cases, while male sexual abuse victims came in at 4 percent of that class of assault.

The total number of both cases reported by the 23 hospitals saw a 17 percent increase from 3,784 in 2004 to 5,317 in 2006, officials stated.

However, the center¡¦s statistics indicate that the total number of both cases had risen from 6,075 in 2004 to 9,202 in 2006, the officials stated, adding that this indicates that around 40 percent of the victims did not go to hospital to document their injuries.

Some did not go because they hesitated or they thought that their injuries were not serious, officials explained.

In many cases, it was not until weeks or months later that they began to ask doctors to document their injuries, officials noted. It is estimated that around 60 percent of the victims did not report to the police immediately.

Noting that many young victims did not know how to seek assistance, the officials urged their neighbors or school teachers to lend a hand by taking victims to the hospital. The center will also help victims with the medical expenses, officials added.