NIA abolishes boarding pass stamping

The China Post staff

Starting today, outbound flight passengers will enjoy quicker customs clearance operation, as the National Immigration Agency (NIA) won’t stamp their boarding passes with an inspection mark, officials with the National Immigration Agency said yesterday. The agency has decided to scrap the stamping of an inspection mark on boarding passes after assessing a proposal raised by airline firms.

The airline firms proposed the government drop the practice on grounds that it is inefficient and that the practice is rarely seen in other international airports.

After the stamping system is scrapped, each outbound passenger will save two seconds, with a total of 40,000 seconds saved per day, based on an average number of 20,000 outbound passengers per day. This will significantly upgrade administration efficiency, as well as the national image.

On another front, airline firms will be required to reinforce the identification of each passenger to prevent illegal crime rings from boarding by exchanging boarding passes with others or using fake stamps on their passes.