National Police Agency launches call locating system

The China Post staff

The National Police Agency (NPA) has established a new call locating system that has already been proven effective by Taoyuan County authorities in locating people phoning for help. The call locating system can pinpoint the location of any public phone or cellular phone within a 200-meter range without having to go through the phone company’s system. Taoyuan County police have used the system for the past month in successfully preventing three suicides and praised the efficiency of the system. Police even found a man telling his parents on the phone that he was committing suicide only to be enjoying himself at a shrimp fishing farm. In a particular case mentioned by police, a man called his girlfriend after taking large amounts of sleeping pills to tell her that he was committing suicide for her. But with no knowledge of her boyfriend’s location, the girlfriend called police who quickly located his call and found him unconscious lying inside a car in a remote area.

The man was later rescued and faces no life-threatening danger.