Malaysia police seek to double crime-fighting squads: report


Malaysia’s police force plans to double the number of crime investigators to 18,000 to curb a rise in robberies and other violations, the national news agency reported Tuesday.

“As the population increases, obviously crime activities will be high, and as the society becomes more materialistic, the intention to commit crime is also high,” Christopher Wan, the federal police director of criminal investigations, told Bernama news agency.

“We need more crime investigators so that there will be a strong team,” Wan said in the report. “The force is planning to add another 9,000 personnel to the Criminal Investigation Department to enhance the level of crime prevention nationwide.”

The department currently has 9,000 members, representing around 10 percent of Malaysia’s 92,000-strong police force.

Wan did not say when the new staff would be recruited, but stressed that swift investigations were crucial so that offenders could be promptly caught before they could strike again or flee the country.

Wan could not immediately be contacted to confirm the details, and other officials in his department said they could not comment on the report.