Taisugar willing to stop raising hogs


Taiwan Sugar Corp. (Taisugar) Chairman Yu Cheng-hsien said yesterday that Taisugar is willing to stop raising hogs if that is the decision the government chooses to make.

Yu made the remark in a report to a legislative committee on Taisugar’s operations and budget.

Amid a long-term slump in pork prices, there have been demands that Taisugar — the largest corporate hog producer in Taiwan — stop producing more pigs as it is causing an oversupply with resulting low prices.

Yu noted that Taisugar has over the years produced pork products without pesticide residue, which has helped it establish a good reputation among consumers. It has also set up a traceability system to ensure the safety and quality of its pork products, he said.

In line with the Council of Agriculture’s policy of stabilizing pork prices, it has recently cut its number of head for sale by 10 percent.

The state-owned company has also decided to cut the number of pigs raised by 60,000 within a year and to raise the ratio of preserving slaughtered pigs through freezing by 50 percent.