Lu blasts Chiou over primary proposal

The China Post staff

Vice President Annette Lu yesterday blasted Presidential Secretary General Chiou I-jen over the planning for the ruling Democratic Progressive Party’s (DPP) upcoming presidential primary.

Lu was infuriated by Chiou’s failure to notify her of a proposal to conduct a public opinion poll to determine the presidential candidate before the top aide of President Chen Shui-bian started soliciting endorsement for the plan.

Lu claimed Chiou was mishandling a plan that was proposed by Chen.

But Lu refused to put the blame on Chen, saying the president usually only lays down guidelines and the aides work out the details.

“Chiou was doing injustice to President Chen,” said Lu, demanding the aide apologize to the head of state and the nation.

The plan received enough endorsement to make it to the DPP’s Central Executive Committee meeting, where it was adopted yesterday.

The DPP will now conduct a public opinion poll that excludes strong supporters of the opposition camp.

Lu, as one of the four candidates in the DPP primary, alleged that Chiou has long had a way of doing things recklessly.

“I have tolerated Chiou for a very long time,” Lu said.

She said Chiou had mishandled the press conference, failing to give a clear account of the shooting of Chen and herself on the eve of the presidential poll on March 19, 2004, causing political turmoil thereafter.

Lu was not the only one complaining about the primary.

DPP Chairman Yu Shyi-kun, another candidate in the primary, also claimed that his opinion had never been consulted before the Chen-designed plan was put forth.

He said he did not receive the respect he deserved.

But Premier Su Tseng-chang, who is one of the contenders for the presidential candidacy, came to the defense of Chiou, saying the top aide had done his best to assist the president.

He said the primary procedure may not be ideal, but at least there is a consensus now.

Former Premier Frank Hsieh said if everyone insisted on his or her own way, there would never be any agreement.