Many envoys wealthy, Control Yuan says


Many of Taiwan’s overseas envoys are wealthy, according to their latest assets disclosure reports filed with the Control Yuan, the country’s supreme watchdog body.

A newly published Control Yuan report shows that all of the 12 ambassadors or overseas representatives who filed their annual assets disclosure reports recently possess more than NT$10 million (US$303,030) in family assets.

Among others, Ambassador to Costa Rica Wu Tzu-dan has more than NT$23.66 million in bank deposits under his and his wife’s names, in addition to over NT$1 million-worth of artwork and NT$300,000-worth of jewelry.

Representative to Italy Cheng Shin reported more than NT$50 million in bank deposits plus real estate holdings in France and 11 land plots in Taiwan and stock holdings valued over NT$4.8 million. Representative to Poland Teng Tzu-lin has nearly NT$50 million in bank deposits, while Representative to Austria Huang Chun-yen reported more than NT$40 million in bank deposits plus NT$14.89 million-worth of securities holdings.

Representative to Spain Francisco Hwang has more than NT$20 million in bank deposits, while Representative to Russia Chen Jung-chieh reported over NT$6.8 million in bank deposits plus NT$14.69 million in securities holdings, as well as artwork and antiques valued at over NT$5 million.

In comparison, most members of the Cabinet are not so well-heeled, with only a few exceptions.

Vice Premier Tsai Ing-wen is the richest Cabinet member, owning three land plots, a house and nearly NT$10 million in bank deposits. Moreover, she has placed more than NT$86.29 million-worth of state bonds into trust and has invested over NT$5.1 million in profit-making businesses.

Chairman Hu Sheng-cheng of the Council for Economic Planning and Development is also in clover, possessing five land plots, a house, over NT$20 million in bank deposits and NT$70 million worth of securities. In addition, Hu reported possession of 20 gold ingots worth over NT$450,000 in market value, a diamond ring worth NT$230,000 and a diamond necklace valued at NT$250,000.

Another affluent Cabinet member is Department of Health Minister Hou Sheng-mao, who has nearly NT$20 million in bank deposits and more than NT$10 million-worth of securities holdings. Moreover, he has placed into trust 13 pieces of land, seven houses and NT$28.22 million-worth of stock holdings.